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Conair LED 1X/10X Makeup Mirror

  • The LED bulbs might only last a lifetime, but the memories will last a lifetime!
  • A 9” Main Mirror with 1x Magnification, and a Magnetic 3¾" Spot Mirror with 10x Magnification.
  • You can always tell when a Meh writer copies and pastes something because the capitalization is all goofy.
  • 3 light intensities, and the mood light around the base is pretty cool.
  • It’s honestly just a really good vanity mirror.
  • Model: BEMLRG which stands for “Betterthan Every Mirror, Like, Really Great.”
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It's Good!

We sell stuff for cheap. That’s kind of our thing. And for the most part we’re comfortable with it. Because when you sell something for way below the going rate, you can be afford to be a little self-depricating. Whoops. Looks we spelled that wrong. No problem, we’ll just command-click that, take the first suggestion, and run it back: Because when you sell something for way below the going rate, you can be afford to be a little self-defecating.

Better? Great!

But this mostly applies when we’re selling products that are ‘just fine.’ A ‘just fine’ product usually already has a ‘just fine’ price, so when we drop it, it falls into the basement-level ‘wait, is that a typo?’ price range. Therefore, we can be open about the product being ‘just fine.’ If anything, the price demands an honest, snarky appraisal.

The problem is when we sell products that are not ‘just fine’ but ‘very good.’ When you drop a ‘very good’ product’s price, it falls not into the basement of ultra-low prices. Instead, it ends up being priced like a ‘just fine’ product, and thus we are forced to sincerely defend its quality.

Just look at today’s product. You see that it costs $29, and your first thought is probably: that’s just the basic cost of a vanity mirror.

Which means we need to come in like a total asshole and say: ‘Uhh, well actually, this one is made of metal, and so it’s going to be hard to find anything else with such strong construction for less than $30. And, uhhhh, well actually, it’s likely that the other mirrors that cost this much aren’t made by Conair, which is a leading brand in this category. And uhhh, well actually, maybe you should buy some shirts from Mediocritee?’

And we don’t like to do that. Well, we do like to promote Mediocritee, but the other stuff? That’s just not our style. So, when we do come in and try and convince you of something’s quality, know that we’re doing so because we actually believe what we’re saying. Otherwise, we’d be a lot more self-deprecating.

Ah, okay! That’s the right spelling! So then… what did we say above?

Oh no.

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