6-for-Tuesday: LED Twist Reusable Glowsticks

  • You get 6 reusable glow-sticks (a random assortment of red, blue, and classic glow-stick green)
  • That’s right, they’re reusable glow-sticks
  • They’re powered by batteries (included) and can be deactivated whenever
  • No chemicals (other than the ones happening in the battery)
  • Let’s get this party started, and let’s end it at a reasonable hour
  • Model: LG11-60222-SA3 (Looking at the search results for this model number it’s clear that no retailer knows what to call this brand. Some call it “Life+Gear”, others "Life Gear” and others “LifeGear.” We prefer to omit it because who cares)
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Get yOUR stiCK gl0wing for Le$$

Glow-sticks and Viagra have a lot in common. They both are made of pretty colors. They both involve thin stiff rods. And they both must be activated judiciously, when a good time is definitely about to happen.

Until now.

You see, you don’t want to pop a Viagra if you’re maybe going to engage in the physical act of love. Because if the would-be coitus flops, you’ll be stuck in an uncomfortable situation.

And you don’t want to prematurely activate a single-use glow-stick if a crazy dance party is maybe about to happen. Because if the proto-party fizzles, you’ll be the fool with their shirt off waving glow-sticks while everybody else decides to call it an early night.

But now, with reusable glow-sticks, you can activate them with abandon. If the party turns into one of the sit-down-together-and-watch-funny-YouTube-video variety rather than the wild dancing debauch you were envisioning, you can simply deactivate them like nothing happened.

In fact, since others won’t know that your glow-sticks provide multiple uses, they may take their activation as a sign of your dedication to party hard. Your glow-sticks could turn the tide of the party to revelry and rave-lry. Your (seeming) dedication to dance will inspire others.

We wouldn’t recommend a similar strategy with Viagra. Simply popping a pill and announcing it to your potential sexual partner is unlikely to enflame their loins. And unlike these reusable glow-sticks, you can’t “deactivate” yours with a simple twist.

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