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3-Pack: Vremi 16oz Vacuum Sealed Bottles

  • Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours
  • You get one red one, one blue one, and one black one
  • Perfect for exercise, workplace water, or throwing messages into the ocean when stranded on a beach
  • No condensation on the outside means you can finally throw away all of your coasters
  • Model: VRM020300N. Presumably Vremi took out the vowels from their name because otherwise the letters in this would be very close to “vermin.”
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Tonight, On Mehsterpiece Theatre, Pt. 2

Brought to you by the Vremi Vacuum Sealed Bottles and Mediocritee, Mehsterpiece Theatre brings a tale of mystery and intrigue nearly too salacious for television!

Solving nearly six dozen high profile crimes each year might sound exciting, but take it from Detective Pierre AuChard: it can also be taxing. Which is to say, the detective could use a vacation.

So it’s by lucky chance that he receives a letter with no return address inviting him to a bed-and-breakfast in an isolated manor on the Spanish coast. The proprietor, who goes only by the letter Z, promises that it should be a “ghastly good time!” Detective AuChard accepts without hesitation.

But when he arrives, something seems off. It’s not the other guests. They’re pleasant enough. The crazed wife and the gambling-addicted husband only argue in hushed tones at the breakfast table. And the two men who look strikingly like the heads of rival crime families seem to have a lot of business to discuss. Not to mention the gamesman, who offers a “very hands-on” hunting demonstration in the woods surrounding the grounds.

The rooms are also lovely, each one with a beautiful wall-mounted antique dagger whose handle is constructed from a special crystal that refuses to register fingerprints, and some nice cool air issuing from the series hidden tunnels that connect each room to another.

Still, Detective AuChard has a bad feeling. And sure enough, the morning after he arrives, they discover something quite troubling: a vase has been stolen from one of the common areas! Looks like the detective won’t be getting much of a vacation after all in…

The Wrong Vase At The Wrong Time!

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