3-Pack: Tactical LED Flashlights

  • Five settings: high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS
  • And since you get 3 of them, does that mean there are… 15 settings?!
  • No! That’s not how that works!
  • Waterproof and built from extremely durable aluminum alloy and rubber
  • Spotlight can reach 200 meters and Floodlight can illuminate a large area
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Dr. Cupidico's Revenge: A Meh-rathon

The ten members of Sven’s special task force were among the most heartbroken men and women in the world. At least five of them had been dumped by the people they thought to be their soulmates via TikTok video. They could be deployed in a high passion area with no fear of their senses being overwhelmed or their cold hearts thawing.

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