2-for-Tuesday: Gentek T7m Bluetooth Earbuds - 2 for $12

  • With 6mm drivers and Bluetooth 4.1, these are likely the greatest bluetooth earbuds ever made.
  • Jk. Aren’t you glad we’re not that kind of store?
  • But at 2 pairs for $12 they might be some of the cheapest you’ll find.
  • And that’s nice, because then you don’t need to take great care of them.
  • Model: 14123, 14124, 14125, which is what you might hear during a game of hide-and-seek gone very very wrong.
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Free Yourself

Of course, these earbuds are going to tell you about their “precision engineered 6mm drivers” or how they offer “powerful and Skip-Free audio.” They’ll talk about their lightweight design and how they’ve got ground-breaking customizability thanks to different sized tips, as if the market is flooded with 5 pound earbuds made of uncompromising stone.

But let’s be real here: these earbuds are cheap as fuck, and thus, the real most important feature they offer is freedom.

Sure, you could say “you get what you pay for,” or “it’s good to splurge once in a while and really treat yourself.” But if I’ve learned one thing about earbuds over the year it’s that they have a life-expectancy somewhere not too far north of carnival gold fish. Once, I splurged on a $70 pair that lasted almost three years. I thought I’d cracked the code, so when they finally died, I got another pair of the same exact model. Those lasted three months.

Of course, I probably could’ve taken better care of them. Maybe I could’ve been more careful about not getting them wet, or tangled, or not wearing them for super sweaty summer jogs. But when I buy earbuds, I don’t want to have to think much about them. I don’t want the pressure of what amounts to basically super-low grade parenting, wherein I need to assess each situation in terms of whether or not it is earbud-appropriate. I just want to listen to basketball podcasts while I walk my dog, even if that walk happens to occur in the rain.

That’s what I mean by “freedom.” With cheap earbuds, you get the freedom to say, “Eh, screw it.” Because if you accidentally mess them up after just a few months of use, who really cares? You’re only out 2-3 tacos worth of money. Not to mention, since this is two-pack, you’ve already got your next pair lined up. That’s called efficiency.

Or is it efficiently dealing with your own inefficiency? Eh, for $12, let’s not think too hard about this…

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