4-Pack: Deluxe Atomic Lighter Rechargeable Plasma Beam Lighters

  • You get four lighters and no flame.
  • They ignite stuff by using dual electric arcs.
  • With four lighters, each producing dual electric arcs, that’s a veritable electric arc war!
  • You also get a long cable and a velveteen carrying case with each.
  • Packaged individually which is perfect for gifting separately (you know you are thinking of it).
  • Model: 12363. Because these things are so rad, they’re basically their own zip code! This… uh… totally makes sense. Trust us.
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Some Lighter Questions

With weirder products like this one, it’s likely that you have questions about its basic functionality. Thus, rather than doing something super wacky here, we decided we’d devote this space to a little FAQ. Here you go:

In the digital age, isn’t it a bit strange for you to be selling the physical copy of a rap single that came out two years?

You seem to be referring to the song “Ultralight Beam” by Kanye West. This is actually a 4-Pack of Rechargeable Plasma Beam Lighters. Rather than using a flame, they employ ‘Lightning Bolt Technology,’ which produces dual electric arcs in order to ignite things.

How many lumens do they have?

The power of these Rechargeable Plasma Beam Lighters isn’t measured in lumens, as they are lightERS, not lights. But, speaking of power, they do come with an extra-long USB cable, which makes recharging easy!

How big is the plasma screen?

The product is actually entirely screen-less. But it is cool to look at! Each one features a Lightning Bolt Blue finish and its own velveteen carry pouch. Not to mention, they’ll look great all wrapped up under tree, thanks to the luxurious gift box packaging!

While I know the Deluxe option is probably better for the money, is there anyway to just get the sandwich? I don’t need all the calories of the fries and the cookie.

Wait, what? This is not a deluxe meal. They are deluxe lighters.

Oh, lighters! Why didn’t you say so?

We did. Multiple ti–

So do they come with extra fuel, in case they run out?

You know what, just forget it.

Those are all the questions we can answer here. We hope they help you make an informed purchasing decision, but definitely feel free to jump into the forums if you’ve got other topics/questions you’d like to discuss.

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