Zmodo Pivot 1080p 360° WiFi Camera with Smarthub and Window Sensors

  • It’s got 1080p quality, 16gb of built-in storage, a wide-angle rotating camera, and a master’s degree from the film school at the University of Texas! Except, minus one of those things.
  • Comes with 2 door/window sensors, and can serve as a hub for more, which is good, because everyone knows most homes have a combined three doors and windows.
  • When motion is detected, you get an alert on your phone, but it’s customizable in terms of which areas of the live view can trigger it.
  • Has “two-way audio to talk to family at home” and a built-in Bluetooth speaker, for all my sound-heads who’ve been like, “Where my sound specs at?!”
  • Like everything in the world, it connects to Wi-Fi and there is nothing that could possibly go wrong.
  • Model Number: ZM-SHP001B. And your model number is ZM-SH0PP3R, because that’s what you’re doing right now - shopping for that sweet ZM!
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A Stunning Plot Pivot

From our library of branded content romance novels, we’ve brought you love stories about electric bikes and electric lights. Today’s pick, though, contains far more intrigue and a touch of crime. Please, enjoy these excerpts from Caught In The Act Of Love by Naomi McElnorey.

Janey awoke at her desk. She didn’t remember when she fell asleep, but that wasn’t uncommon for her. When you’re the leading jewel and gem restoration specialist in all of Illinois, you sometimes find yourself with more work than energy. What was uncommon: she had a small pillow under her head. Furthermore, the jewel she’d been working on–the coveted Gillespie Stone worth nearing thirty million dollars–was gone!

Luckily, Janey had a Zmodo Pivot set up in her home office. It was so convenient and easy-to-use! She had access to its 16gb of built-in storage in mere minutes. And thanks to the footage’s crisp 1080p picture, she had no problem seeing the thief as he made his way in and… wait, he seemed to be grabbing something from the loveseat in the corner of the room. A pillow. She watched him walk to her desk, gently slip the pillow under her head, grab the stone, and turn to leave.

And it was then that Janey saw his face. “Michael?!” she exclaimed.

Janey was distraught as she made her way to the coffee shop where Michael worked. They’d only been on a few dates, but things seemed to be going in the right direction. He wasn’t like the other men she dated who just wanted to talk about themselves. He actually took interest in her work. Now she saw why!

She told herself over and over that she wouldn’t focus solely on her love life, that if she took the wide view of her many achievements–much like the Zmodo Pivot took a wide view of her home office thanks to its wide-angle rotating camera–then she would see she had quite a lot to be thankful for: like her booming freelance jewel restoration business, her beautiful loft in the hippest neighborhood of Springfield, and her stunning good looks, to name a few.

Instead, Michael’s deception was all she could think about, and so when she arrived at the coffee shop, she didn’t even bother to hide her emotions.

“Hey, Janey girl!” Michael said, throwing a towel over his shoulder in the way typical of baristas. “Need a pick-me-up? You didn’t have to come all the way down here! I was gonna call you.”

“That’s funny, Michael, because I was going to call the police.”

Michael looked quickly left and right. The place was packed. “Hey, keep it down, okay! I don’t know what you’re talking about, but you need to calm–”

“I saw it all,” Janey said. “On my Zmodo Pivot.”

Michael looked flabbergasted. “What?! You mean that sleek and attractive device on the table in the corner was a security camera?”

“Yes, Michael. You’re lucky I didn’t outfit it with more Zmodo products, such as door sensors. Because that’s something you can totally do with a Zmodo Pivot.”

Michael sighed. “Look, Janey, there’s a reasonable explanation for this. But we need privacy. Why don’t you come into the back room with me.”

“My brother, he’s sick,” Michael said after closing the door. “There’s an experimental treatment for his illness. It’s not available anywhere in the United States, so I did what I had to do. I turned to The Fang Gang.”

“The criminal organization known for filing down their teeth down to sharp nubs?” Janey asked.

“Yes,” Michael said. “That’s them.”

“But nobody’s ever seen them,” Janey said. “They’re like an urban legend.”

“I’ve seen them,” Michael said. “Anyway, they asked me to do a job in return. What was I supposed do? Let my brother die?”

“So, I was just part of the job, huh?” Janey said, with tears in her eyes.

“Yes,” Michael said. He stood and took her chin in his hand. “At first.”

He leaned down to kiss her, but Janey turned away.

“I understand,” Michael said. “I wouldn’t forgive me either.”

“No,” Janey said. “It’s not that. I have an idea. Have you given them the jewel yet?”

Michael shook his head. “I’ve got to meet them in three hours.”

“Perfect,” Janey said. “That should be just enough time.”

When they saw Michael making his way across the warehouse that served as their headquarters, the five members of the Fang Gang smiled, baring their terrifyingly sharp teeth.

“There’s the man of the hour,” said the leader of the group.

“Here’s the stone,” Micheal said, handing over an enormous jewel.

“Bigger than I thought,” said one of the guys.

“So we’re good now?” Michael said.

“Add a ‘for,’ and yeah,” said the leader, “as in, we’re good… for now.”

“But you said I was done after this!”

Michael lunged at the leader but two of the others grabbed him.

“Look, buddy,” the leader said, “our terms are always changing. We’ll let you know when we need you next. Now scram, okay?”

They released their grip on Michael. He brushed off his coat and rushed out. The Fang Gang watched him go, before turning, one by one, to look at the jewel.

“It’s beautiful,” one guy said.

“It’s shiny,” said another guy.

“It’s crumpling,” said the leader. “It’s crumpling in my hands.”

“Why’s it plugged into a long extension cord?” one of the other guys asked. “Last time I checked, jewels don’t need electricity.”

“Aww, shucks! This ain’t nothing but painted tin foil wrapped around…” The leader tore it away, revealing a Zmodo Pivot. “Oh no! With its rotating camera, it’s certainly seen all of us by now! We’re sunk, boys! Completely sunk!”

Detective O’Malloy held Janey’s phone in his hand.

“We connected it to their warehouse’s wifi before Michael went in,” Janey explained. “And so now we can experience remote viewing and control.”

“Wow, such clear picture!” the detective exclaimed. “With this, I can have our computer wiz check their faces against our database, and we’ll bring these guys to justice in no time!”

“Glad we could help,” said Michael.

“Say, with your jewel heisting knowledge, your creative use of Zmodo products, and my skills as a detective, we could make one hell of a team,” said Detective O’Malloy. “What do you say to that?”

“Sorry detective, but I think we’re more of a duo than a trio,” Michael said. And before Janey could say anything, Michael got down on a knee and presented a beautiful diamond ring. “Janey, will you marry me?”

“Yes,” Janey cried. “Yes, of course! What a beautiful ring. Where did you find it?”

“Your place,” Michael said. And the three of them had a good long laugh at that!

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