Meh Logo (Giant or Normal-Sized) on a Tri-Blend Shirt

  • A black tri-blend shirt with either a normal-sized white Meh logo, or a giant white Meh logo.
  • Tri-blend shirts are super soft and comfortable. They’re like the silk lingerie of t-shirts.
  • Okay, that came out a lot weirder than we meant it to.
  • Basically, they’re nicer than our standard shirts, hence they cost a couple bucks more.
  • The regular logo is 6.5" x 2.5", the giant one is 14" x 5.5", and here’s a sizing chart for the shirts
  • Model: TR1-C3R4-T0P5.
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Tri-Blend: It's A Shirt, Not A Beginner-Level Blender

We’re back with another edition of Screenprint Sundays. This time, we’ve anticipated you might be a little confused, so we’re going to use this space for a little Q&A. Let’s dive right in:

Why are these more expensive than the shirts usually are?

Because these are tri-blend shirts. What three things they’re a blend of, we have no idea. Or, more accurately, we don’t care. The truth is, tri-blend shirts are basically the nicest t-shirts there are. They’re super soft and comfortable. If you’re not used to them, though, they might feel a little thin at first. But trust us: give it time, and soon most other shirts will feel like sandpaper to the ultra-refined palate of your skin.

It looks like there are two designs to choose from. How are they different?

Only in size. You can get a standard-sized white Meh logo on a black tri-blend shirt, or you could get an ENORMOUS white Meh logo printed on a black tri-blend shirt. But otherwise, the designs themselves are exactly the same.

Are you printing enormous Meh logo shirts because you have an enormous Meh logo screen left over from when you did those fleece blankets a couple weeks ago?

How dare you! When we offer options on our screenprinted items, we only do so to give our customers variety, so that they might have a more enjoyable and outcome-optimized synergistic shopping experience! Lol, jk. It’s totally because we have that big screen.

Wait, so that means you all print these yourselves?

Yep! All of our screenprinting is done right here at our Texas headquarters!

Are you based in Texas?

No, I’m actually in the Midwest.

Then why did you lie about being in Texas just now?

What? I didn’t. I’m empowered, as a writer, to speak on behalf of the company, which is based primarily in Texas.

What else have been “empowered” to lie to us about?

Nothing! I’m not a liar! Can we please get back to the shirts?

How tall are you?

Uh, this seems a bit off topic, but whatever. I’m about 6 feet tall. Probably 6’1" or 6’2".

Which is it: 6’1" or 6’2"?


Do you have a ruler nearby, you dirty fucking liar?

This write-up is over.

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