Fabulous Flannel Micro-Flannel Sheet Sets

  • These are absolutely Fabulous Micro-Flannel Sheets
  • What’s makes them fabulous? The micro-flannel
  • Also their inherent fabulousness
  • Not to mention the micro-flannel, which is also fabulous
  • Oh we already mentioned that? Fabulous
  • Model: SF062617 (Plus an additional combination of letters for the color, but we’re not going to list those out in the interest of space and the fact that nobody needs that)
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Do Androids Sleep In Electric Sheets?

Your life will be improved by these flannel sheets if you let your life be improved by these flannel sheets. You must open your mind to them in order to unlock their power.

I know this because I’m high on Laotian chili wood right now. At least … I’m letting myself believe that I’m high on Laotian chili wood.

Meh writer @skemmehs here writing about these Fabulous Micro-Flannel Sheets from Luang Prabang, Laos. A friend and I just ate at a restaurant that specializes in local cuisine and ate a stew that contained what our server described as “spicy wood.” We chewed the wood and sure enough — it was spicy. A few minutes later we noticed that our mouths had gone somewhat numb. A few minutes after that we noticed that we felt high … maybe. We couldn’t totally tell.

What does getting high on unknown Laotian narcotics have to do with sheets?

My friend and I could have decided that we weren’t high. And you could decide, after receiving these sheets, that you don’t care for the way they feel. But why? My life is objectively better now that I’ve decided I’m high on spicy wood than it would have been if I ignored it. And yours will be better if you decide that these are the comfiest sheets you’ve ever felt.

It’s all about releasing your expectation that the world is objectively one way or another, and letting your own subjective experience dictate how you perceive. Does that make sense? I may be high on Laotian bark, which makes it difficult to tell if this all just sounds like something that somebody who was high on Laotian bark would say.

The point is — I have no idea. I wrote “the point is” because it felt like the appropriate thing to write, but I don’t think I actually had something to say.

Oh! The point is that you should chew on these flannel sheets and then convince yourself that you’re high. Or something. I’m gonna take a dream nap now.

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