808 Audio HEX SL Bluetooth Speaker (Refurbished)

  • Looks like a futuristic travel mug, acts like a bluetooth speaker
  • Rich 360º sound, meaning this thing farts music in every direction at once
  • One place on the Amazon page says 8 hours of playtime between charges, another says 12, so let’s go with 8-12 hours of playtime
  • Model: W31RD-H3X-8UT-0K4Y
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Classic Monster Humor

In honor of the 808 HEX SL Wireless Speaker–a sleek, stylish, bluetooth speaker that’s great for playing music at home, in the office, or anywhere–and Monstrositees–currently available at Mediocritee–we proudly present:


Thus concludes today’s edition of:


(Wolf Man and Creature From The Black Lagoon shirts currently available at Mediocritee.)

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