Coleman Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated 64oz Growler

  • 64 ounces is a lot of ounces
  • Fill it with cold stuff and it’ll stay cold for 76 hours
  • Fill it with hot stuff and it’ll stay hot for 41 hours
  • Does it come in Georgia Red: Nope, just Mariners quasi-teal
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Fill'er Up

Over on Walmart’s website–where, we should say, this thing runs for a cool 45 bucks–user linzyjean says:

When I first got this I was a bit surprised by how big it was. But, I have been trying unsuccessfully to hit my daily water goals for months and decided to try using this. Since it keeps my water super cold all day it makes it easy to track and see my progress. I’m absolutely obsessed.

And this is a great selling point.

Yes, given it can hold 64 ounces and keep beverages cold “for days,” it’s an ideal thing for bringing some Arnold Palmer to the picnic to share with your friends.

But also, if you want, you can just fill it with water and keep it for yourself.

And I’ll be honest, I fully relate to linzyjean. I have a nice big water cup, so I stay well-hydrated almost all the time. But if I misplace that thing, so that I have to hydrate using whatever glass is around, my water intake drops by roughly 60%.

I don’t know why. I can’t explain it. I guess it’s a mental thing. Like, when I finish drinking some water, my thought is, That’s plenty of water for now! regardless of whether it was from one of those old school 2oz paper cup-cone things or this big honking growler.

And now, since I’ve written the word “growler,” I will say: it’s puzzling to read reviews on Walmart and see not a single one mention anything about filling this thing up with beer. But you probably could, right?

I did see someone say they fill theirs up with coffee, however, and it stays warm for a long time. Which: a) is good to know, and b) seems like an irresponsible amount of coffee to drink.

In conclusion: it is a big thing for liquids!

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