2-for-Tuesday: Conair TravelSmart All-in-One Travel Adapter

  • They say: 2 travel adapters.
  • We say: 2 dual-USB wall chargers that know different languages.
  • We also say: $10 for 2 dual-USB chargers is a pretty good deal.
  • We also say: got that outlet on the front so you can also plug stuff in while your phone and tablet charge.
  • We also say: there are shirts over at https://mediocritee.com/.
  • Model: TS3AD12. The TS stands for Thomas Stearns. At least, that’s how it is for T.S. Eliot. Potentially, other TS’s stand for different things.
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No Travel Required

Many of you are going to cast one quick glance at these, see that they’re travel adapters, and think, I don’t need those right now. Which is fair. We won’t argue with you. All we ask is that you take a second, slightly longer glance, and note three things:

  1. There are 2 USB ports on these things;

  2. There’s an outlet on the front; and…

  3. You have 3 country options (though those 3 options account for many more): UK, Europe, and, most importantly for our point, USA.

We outline all of this because, if you set them to USA, then what you’ve got here is a 2-pack of dual USB charging ports that won’t monopolize the outlet just to do their job. And at $10, that’s actually not a bad deal at all. It’s a mere $2.50 per port, in fact. Or maybe $2 per port, with a $2 convenience fee charged for the front outlet. (This is probably why our friends say we overthink things, isn’t it?)

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore their travel adapter capabilities altogether. Who knows? Maybe just using something with such an international capacity will have some transitive effects, thus causing you to live a more worldly life and maybe finally take that trip to Stockholm or Prague or wherever.

On the other hand, you might also find the opposite is true: by buying a travel adapter, you mitigate the guilt you subconsciously feel for not seeing enough of the world. Because, you can tell yourself, this is clearly the first step towards rectifying the issue. As long as you own not one but TWO travel adapters, there is nothing but a passport renewal and a airplane ticket keeping you from finally experiencing what Europe has to offer. Like, at some point… in the next year. Or two. Or twelve.

In the meantime, it’s pretty dope to charge your laptop, your phone, and your tablet from the same outlet.

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