WASPcam ROX Series 4K Action Camera - $34

  • $34 gets you the camera and about fourteen accessories.
  • This thing has Auto-Looping Function, which means that video records over itself and just keeps shooting. This sounds like a really bad thing, but it’s actually great for live-streaming via the built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Enable “Driving Mode” to use it as a dash cam - this turns on loop recording, auto-record and auto-shutdown
  • Waterproof down to 98 feet without its waterproof case. Waterproof down to all the feet with its waterproof case, we assume.
  • Model Number: 9941 (while it isn’t self-apparent what the model numbering scheme is, the real mystery is what WASPcam stands for. Our money is on Water And Snake Proof Camera)
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Action Packed

The first thing to know: there’s a bunch of stuff here. You don’t just get the WASPcam ROX 4K Camera. You get a hell of a lot of accessories too. We’re talking a waterproof case, a handlebar mount, straps, adhesives, all sorts of stuff. But what about the camera itself?

Wirecutter unfortunately didn’t have anything to say about the WASPcam, but they did name their pick for best budget action camera. It costs $132.

Reader, that’s about $100 more than this one.

Which begs the question: what will you do with all that cash you save buying this camera rather than one of its pricier competitors? Don’t worry. I have a few suggestions. See, it’s an ACTION cam. Therefore, you should spend the money to add even more action to your already action-packed videos. Don’t just film an exciting mountain bike ride. Make it a full cinematic experience.

For example, you could:

  • hire an actor to play the bully at the beginning who’s like, “What’s wrong? Is widdle biker-boy scared of a widdle hill?”

  • hire another actor play your nervous friend who’s like, “Gee golly, Willie, I don’t know. Nobody’s ever mountain-biked down Death Skull Knoll before and survived. Maybe you should just get off the bike and… wait, are those wild dogs?!”

  • rent a pack of wild dogs to chase you as you go.

  • hire medical professionals to be standing by for treatment of the initial two actors, who will definitely be mauled by the pack of wild dogs.

  • pay for the construction of an “unexpected” jump in the middle of the mountain bike path.

  • hire several assistants to come in off camera, take hold of your bike, and walk it as patiently as possible along the path so that it looks like, just as your about to hit the jump, things go into slow motion.

  • buy some special protective suits for the assistants so they can continue to work even as they are bitten and pulled to and fro by the wild dogs.

  • hire the Foo Fighters to play “My Hero” from inside a sound-enriching, wild-dog-proof miniature amphitheater as you launch off the jump.

  • buy 3 more WASPcam ROX 4K Cameras in case one of them gets mud on it and you have to re-shoot.

Look, I’m not great with money, so there’s a chance you might have some of that hundred bucks left over. In which case, get yourself a cold beer. You’ve earned it, biker-boy!

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